Get Ready for Wall Street Collapse – $50K Ready to Deploy


If Trump wins tonight, which Wall Street has projected that he will, the DOW is down by 800 points.

Here are some names I’d like to add back to my portfolio:

1. GE if yield goes above 4 or cross $27

2. T – I’d like to add more shares

3. D – I had as much as 200 shares in the past, I’d like to add more back.

4. VZ – I’d like to own more

5. V – I had 60 shares before, if it falls close to $75, I’d like to add some.

6. JPM – if it falls below $55 I’d add some

7. GIS

8. GM

9. MMM

10. COST

11. LOW

12. TGT

13. WMT

14. TRV


16. EMR

17. JNJ

18. PFE

19. PG

20. O

21. MAIN

22. MMLP

23. F


Some none dividend stocks




I’d like to add some index fund – VIX, SPY

If Trump does want he promised X, DD, and other metals companies will do well.

I’m not sure if I can keep tract of everything that’d happen tomorrow, I’ll be watching the one that’s going to fall the most, so I’d absolutely get the best deals. More dividend for my bucks. Hihi.

I’ve also been hoarding cash on my 457 retirement account, hiding it in the brokerage account, it would be a good time to deploy this cash.

Morning updated #1. 

Donald did win. But market didn’t crash. Ah, nothing to see, nothing to buy. I’ll keep my cash for another time.

Lesson learned for politicians: 

– create an issue – I’m definitely better off than 8 years ago. I don’t mind another 4 years of the same. What Donald did was pointed out the $20 trillions national debt, the men American left behind, immigrants issues from Europe and from South America, terrorists, create fear and separation. 

– pollings were all wrong – people are afraid to publicly voting for Donald – internally they vote for him for the above. – pollings didn’t capture the right group.

turn outs – the Hispanic population aren’t as passionate or trust nor love Hillary like the African American love Barrack. 

– women, educated women came out to vote for Donald. Yikes. 

  • If Bob Dole lost the election in 1996 because for “losing touch with American” by not knowing what a  bar-code was, and Mitt Romney lost the election because he think the 51% was the only group paying taxes, Hillary lost the 2016 election for saying 1/2 of Trump’s supporters are deplorable. And that she vowed to make coal companies to go bankrupt. She’s failed to connect with “the men American left behind”.

Update #2: 

My portfolio is up by a huge margin. My stock portfolio has recovered completely to the level it was 2 years ago – I cashed out $115K to buy my 4-plex, cashed out $77k to buy my recent rental and renovation. And I’m back to the near $300K again. I’ll do a portfolio update at some point.

– Somehow, I still feel like I’ve lost something big today. We’d probably never had someone as good and as great as Hillary Clinton again.  Probably, not in my lifetime I’ll never get to witness a woman as strong as her.

Are there any readers out there feeling the same way?


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