D.C. Trip, Skyline and Luray Cavern Recap


Update on rental property. This is the 4-plex. One of the unit, I advertise as room for rent to maximize income. Well, it’s been over a month, and I haven been able to find a tenant. I found one, she place a holding deposit, but she decided to back out due to hardship, she had to fix her car. I decided to give her back the entire deposit. I had made a commitment, if I have an opportunity to make a difference, I would. 

Sure enough, I had another guy line up to take her position, I guess, it’s not too bad. Hopefully, he’ll move in by next week and I get to rest for a little while. 

Back to mini vacation:

Who’d say no to free hotel? I wouldn’t. I still have some Starwood points, so we decided to tour the D.C. area. 

We hit the the Belt way and saw the Lincoln Memorial. We got “lost” so we also saw the Arlington sementary. To be honest, after a couple days of hectic city traffic, we want to get on out of there. 

We stopped by the Billy Goat Trail. To take an amazing hike and captured some of the best Autumn pictures. 🙂 We rewarded ourselves with some amazing New Orleans Seafoods. They offered buy 5 pounds get one pound off. We chose the special with blue crab, snow crab legs and crawfish. 

We wanted to do the skyline drive, but the trees hasn’t turned color yet, so we opted to tour the Skyline Cavern and the Luray Cavern. 

Tip: bring the brochure with you to get $2 off at Skykine Cavern, bring a Martin’s super Arkwright loyalty card to get $6 off per person. 


Skyline Cavern. We went as far as 260 feet below the surface. Some of the amazing pictures were at “Mirror Pond” what you see is the reflection of image. That’s is from perfectly still water. We had an amazing experience here. 

We were impressed, so we decided to explore another cavern nearby – Luray Carven.
Luray Cavern one of the biggest cave in the East Coast. It’s is known for the drapery formation due to acceleration growth. We also find the largest nature musical instrument in the world by tapping on the stalactites (the structure that hanging on the ceiling). 

It was amazing to see the column as tall as 40 feet. 
I totally recommend this to someone with small children. It’s the whole new world inside the earth. 🙂

Cost for the trip:

Night one, Gaylord Hotel, free due to Mr.’s job pay for it. He came for national conference. It has biggest lobby I’ve ever seen. Sporting a botanical garden and shops. 

Food: I spent $35 for a Chinese food nearby. Mr.’s food was free. 

$65 for New Orlean Seafood

Night two: Sheraton hotel at Dulles Airport(out of the way, and the closet hotel near the blue ridge mountain, skyline drive).

Food: $34 for breakfast buffet

$22 lunch at Luray Cavern


$36 for Skyline Caverm

$39 for Luray Carven

Transportation: $25 gas. $10 bus ticket for me to go meet up with Mr.

Total: $266


  1. We went to Luray Caverns this caverns this summer for the first time. I loved it. Such breath taking scenery below the surface that I never could have imagined. I’m glad that you got to experience it as well!!!

    • I’m glad too. It’s the spontaneous decisions that leads to many good things. 🙂

      i feel like my camera couldn’t capture it all. If we have family members to to visit, we’d refinery take them there.

  2. wow, I’ve been to the US on 4 different occassions but I’ve never visited the Luray Caverns. It seems like a very scenery and breathtaking place to visit which I will keep on my list next time.

    • Well, the trick is when you go to a hotel, there are usually a stand that have all the excursions that you can do within the vicinity. (All hotel and many restaurants and visitor centers, public resting (bathroom) on the freeway should also have them).

      All the kids who grow up in Virginia usually get to learn about Virginia Geography, historical, and special places that people who grow up in different States wouldn’t known about it.

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