Brussels Attacks – What You Need to Know


First my condolence to the people that are affected by the terrorist attack. Any of of the violence could be prevented if people can act more compassionate.


The attacks: 

  • 2 sites – subway at peak hour and at the airports
  • 34 people dead and 198 people are injured
  • ISIS has caused mayhem 75 attacks in 20 countries
  • 160118093247-gfx-isis-attacks-outside-iraq-syria-v2-super-169.png

Since declaring its caliphate in June 2014, the self-proclaimed Islamic State has conducted or inspired nearly 75 terrorist attacks in 20 countries other than Iraq and Syria, where its carnage has taken a much deadlier toll; those attacks outside Iraq and Syria have killed at least 1,280 people and injured more than 1,770 others.

Events leading to the attack:

French was supporting bombing ISIS in Syria. That leads to the radical Muslims to carry out the attacks in Paris. It was suicidal mission, but the leader has been hiding in Belgium. Belgium arrested the leader who’s responsible for the Paris Attack in 2015 –  Salah Abdeslam.

Two suspects: CeKLfT3W8AAxyQ0-1619-1458658573.jpg

Attack sites:


What come next

  • Officials evacuating people from the Nuclear plant Tihange
  • Possible of EU will completely close its border to Syria refuge and making it harder for any other Muslim people from seeking asylum in the Western country
  • Domestically in the US: Any other attack after California attack will validate Donald Trump. He has publicly spoken out against “radicalized” Muslims.
  • Things will not be the same after this attack, because Western Europe, has been observing peaceful time since 1945, WWII, might come to an end.

Impact on the Market

  • Base on September 11, Paris Attacks, Boston Marathon and any other attacks: the Western world response with the market will go down the next week even if there will be sign of rebounding
  • Defense stocks like Raytheon, GD, NOC, etc will go up, oil possibility rebound regardless of supplies stockpiles
  • Gold and precious metal will go up

Impact on Local economy

  • Flight and hotel to Paris, or Belgium will be 33-50% less than the day or the week before.
  • Tourism will definitely take a toll
  • Recession cascade is looming and larking – Brexit is now a possible as the UK always do what it always do. Using the water as a border and close it eyes until its safety  become apparent like WWI and WWII. “History will always repeat itself”.
  • Consumer disretary will decrease.

Effect on Global … Community – Muslim-phobia

First I’d like to clarify that one of my best friend is Muslim. I work and go to school with a few Muslim from Afghanistan, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, India and they are the nicest people I’ve come in contact. But I understand the fear – people fear of the unknown.

  • They pray 5 times a day
    • They are nice and calm because they take 5 mental break everyday to pray, to stop before they overreact to a situatution
  • They fast 1 month a year when they observe Ramadan
    • During this 1 month, they eat less so they can appreciate more and give more. It’s a great way to lose weight, too.
  • They wear head scarf call he-jab and the men would grow beard.
    • My Mom was a Buddhist and she wore a head scarf to protect her hair. Jewish women also wear head scarf at the Temple. Moses grew a beard so he’d look more like Jewish people at the time. Muslim scholars urge Muslims to follow Moses example so they don’t stand out.
  • They don’t eat pork or use pork product. Their meat need to be “ha la” meat. Which is a peaceful killing. The animal need to killed and cut differently in the most merciful way.
    • Pork meat has a lot of fat and cholesterol. In the Western world, where chicken is $1/bls, there is no reason to eat fatty animal food, but I wouldn’t say to banish it. We treat many patient here in the hospital, who refuse Heparin because it comes from Pork.
  • Muslim Law/Commands override state law creates conflict and prevent them from successfully integrating to new communities per officials.
    • This is where most Muslims having conflict, especially the one who believe and practice in fundamental M

It’s a devastating attacks to the victim and friends and families of the victims. I pray that in time their heart will heal. I  also pray that our leaders mind is clear and see that some individuals who turn violent don’t effect a whole race or religious group. May we all live in peace.




  1. It’s a really terrible tragedy, killing many innocent people who have nothing to do with the political decisions or the military force being used by Western Nations.

    I hope everyone remains safe, at the moment it’s hard to see an ending to this global situation we’re in.


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