Recent Buys – OKE, KMI and UNP


Wow, we are experiencing the wild swings again, triple digits gains and loss can happen any day. People are making heavy bets regarding the FED will raise interest, however the fear that the FED might hold it off send fear in the market. 

The budget deal is on the table again, we will see how Paul Ryan as the majority leader would  situation. I’m still holding on to the majority of the cash waiting for another crash?! Or at least until I see the first interest rate. 

I’m waiting to get back into the oil business – BP, XOM, COP, and CXV are on my radar. I might add HAL at some point. Increase my Dominion position, possibly add some more utilities on oil and energy weakness.

When the world was selling and ditching DuPont, BAC, and other banks stocks. Those investments initially continued to deteriorate, but they all have bounced back nicely overtime. I guess the key word is patience and persistence. 


Update on coaching, I was getting fatter after the soccer season ended. My back pain from the car accident started to bother me again. So I signed up to assist basketball coaching. It’s my first season as a basketball coach. It has been fun so far. I’ve learnt a bunch from the head coach. Our first game won’t be until January and we have some great kids on the team, hopefully everything will work out and we’ll have fun and win some games. 


Have you buying anything lately? Are you holding cash? What’s a good cash level for your account?

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  1. Nice purchases, Vivianne. I think buying KMI at these levels is a very good idea. I cant imagine why ppl are selling after all the bloodbath. The time to sell was a few months ago – now is the time to buy and load up. The underlying business hasnt changed – only the cash flow distribution has changed and the money is not being wasted – its being invested for the long term and for development projects.


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