Recent Buys – HCP, CMI, KMI, OKE, POT


10 shares of HCP dividend yield of $22.6 @ 6.406%

10 shares of CMI dividend yields of $39.0 @ 3.763%

10 shares of KMI dividend yields of $20.4 @ 7.616%

10 shares of OKE dividend yield of $24.6 @ 7.43%

10 shares of POT dividend yield of $15.2 @ 7.581%

Total: $121.8 will be added to my annual dividends. This yield @ 5.56% on costs.

I am reluctant to add more REITs, energy and utilities, but the yields are so good, I couldn’t help but initiate position in HCP! KMI! OKE,

POT was recommended by a couple of dividend growth investor Potash dirt cheap and grow

CMI was recommended awhile back by ,, dividend hawk have added POT, OKE recently. I will add the link when I find the links to their write up.

I have not update my portfolio recently. I’m in the process of writing one up.


Update on U12 soccer – we made it to the play off. Yay! We rank third, so we probably will be playing the second best team.

I’m thinking of playing defensive style the whole time and try to clinch the final with the penalty shoot out. This should be fun if it happens. As I have some 8, 9, 10, 11 years old kids on the team, making it difficult to score against 5’7, 5’9 12 years old kids. Yikes!

My boss overheard me talking with other co-worker that my team made it to the playoff, he said “your team must be lucky”.

You know what? Rain or shine, I always have my kids practice. I always show up. If it rains, we play in the gym. A couple of my kids, got leaned up because of regular activity. So, yes, I am lucky, but not by accident –10 hours a week of volunteer time and effort. (Other coaches would cancel practice when it rains. When it rains, people often feeling like coop up, so it’s more of a reason to stay active to get rid of blue fever and stress hormone 😛

I’ve also been picking up “street soccer” recently. We have a group of Hispanic here in town that been playing soccer on our practice field, so I joined them a couple of nights per week. I play all positions to have a feel. We played on wet grass a couple of times, the water got into my shoes. Gorilla glue did the trick to save $50 new pairs of soccer cleats. 


A mediocre annual review:

Anyhow, I’ve just made a request to switch supervisor after receiving another mediocre annual evaluation. The evaluation comes 5+ months late. Who’s the mediocre here? This was the same man, who called me to his office, told me he was writing me up for allowing a total parental nutrion (TPN) order to go through after the cut off time for a NICU patient. We are an academic hospital, we have resident doctors that sometimes are not as efficient or forget to write TPN order on time. And these babies are not the normal happy babies that you see, they are less than 500g sometimes (normal 3kg). No, I will not let a mistake that the adult make to punish my sick neonatal infant. So write me up, I don’t care! I’m here to help save life, not bowing down to some unethical rigid policy. Policy is not human, we are human, we act like human, we make choices.

**** people use their power ineffectively. Imagine it’s your infant up in the NICU, and this man or someone else make a call to prevent your child from the best care possible, just because he has the power to do so, and he wants to teach the resident a lesson? 

Then, a few months ago, after he got yelled at and insulted by an attending, he went and ask another co-worker of mine to break the policy and allowed a late TPN. (The same policy that he told me if I break another time, he’d fire me. After his threat, I went to the director, who assured me, nothing will happen to me.)

It was my last straw, I asked to have a female supervisor, hopefully it will get approve and I don’t have to go through much trouble to get it.

Enjoyment - free happy woman enjoying sunset. Beautiful woman in a white dress embracing the golden sunshine glow of sunset with her arms outspread and face raised to the sky enjoying peace and serenity of nature
Enjoyment – free happy woman enjoying sunset. Beautiful woman in a white dress embracing the golden sunshine glow of sunset with her arms outspread and face raised to the sky enjoying peace and serenity of nature

The gist of all the trouble:

1. If you can’t win, join them. You can’t join them, leave. Since I don’t want to be around the negative energy, I choose to leave, I asked for a new supervisor.

2. People with high EQ always surround themselves in a positive environment. Why stuck with someone who have a low opinion of you? Go to a positive person, will make you more positive.

3. The worst thing that could happen? I have the same rating. Or I just quit. Since I’ve already make more from my passive income than my job. I’m thankful that I have a secondary, tertiary income streams that  give me choices. Things can go sours very quickly, the important thing is you always have choices.

4. Take a step back, get the momentum to accelerate faster. I remember having to move as a high schooler. The culture at the new was completely different, they’d value sport more than academic. It took me a couple of years to get popular again. A step back doesn’t deter my determination, it doesn’t crush my spirit or my passion in healing people. It will rejuvenate me.

5. Hey, I did get a raise, right? Work is so bad, they have to pay you to do it. While I’m searching for my “perfect” job as I’ve already reached financial independence, but I don’t dislike the work itself. I love the fact that I am making a different in somebody’s life.

Thank you for listening guys.


  1. 1. Congrats on your investments (quite a few!) and reaching the playoffs.
    2. Unfortunately, there are bad bosses out there. Luckily, there are good bosses too so hopefully, the next one is better.

  2. Hey Vivianne. Nice purchases. Keep up the hard work. It pays off in all areas of our life.
    As for that double standard hyprocrite. Dont worry, people aren’t stupid. Stand your ground and let your perspective be known. Don’t leave or quit as if you do, you’ll letting him break you. Don’t let him break you. Stay strong and stay Tough.!
    Thanks for sharing. I hope you update us. Cheers Vivianne.

    • Thanks, brother! Look likes your a strong man there. My Dad was in the military. I grew up with 7 brothers, I can get my way around among the strong people. 🙂 Bit being around unreasonable people, no matter what you say, you can’t get through their head. And that’s it. It was my last straw with him. I’m not quiting, just putting the request to get a different evaluator.

    • pot might go lower in a speculation of rate increase. More credit, more customer, more revenue and net, happier shareholders, higher stock price. And the opposit might happen with rate increase, credit tightening is never good for materials, energy, utility. The only sector that benefit from this is financial, and it’s >50% of my positions are financial stocks.

  3. Great purchases, Vivianne. Keep that dividend income growing month after month. Thanks for the mention. Glad to have helped you decide on your investment.

    Best wishes

    • Your side hustle is to write for big timer like seeking alpha, your articles are all excellent quality. I’m glad having finding your website. Keep up the great work, bro.

  4. Hey Vivianne,
    Congrats on the playoffs! Having a life outside of work is super neat!

    As regards work, I follow the following principles which have stood the test of time for me. IMO, three main parameters define work: people, money and work. In my life, I have found that at least 2/3 parameters have to be good for a good workplace. I have seen the following combinations in my career:
    + money+work good, people bad
    + work+people good, money bad
    + money+people good, work bad

    It is rare to find all three to be good….still looking. Of course being financially independent would help me stop the search 🙂 In your case, you have only a short time left to reach FI. Try and ignore the bad ones along the way.

    Hope that helps.

    • This is some of the wisest advise I’ve gotten! Thanks, bro!

      I was kind of expected, he didn’t even read my self-evaluation. Just his own opinion that he has established 10 years ago, it hasn’t changed since. People are quick to make decision, regardless of what you do, once they set in their way, humm…

      I won’t let this ruin the rest of my stay at my job. I will make sure of that. Excellent rating is at my job is what I want to leave as, and I will make sure I will work with the new supervisor to make it happen.

      It’s a lot easier when I run my own business and give myself an excellent rating and $10K raise. 🙂 effort, time, commitment = excellent rating.

  5. Keeping busy with quite a few buys. Like the HCP add. Looks like many of the REITs and health REITs in particular got beaten up today. If things stay the same looks like I’ll be making a health REIT buy in November. Great yield with these news buys too. Thanks for sharing.

    • I also learnt from the last biggest rate increase speculation, that’s would be the biggest entry point, for reit, energy, materials, I’ll refer back to your dr. Copper article when I make my purchase on materials. It will be cool.

  6. Wow that’s a lot of purchases, great stuff Vivianne. Mediocre annual review is not fun to have but I suppose it gives you an overview of what you need to improve on.

    • It’s very true what you said. However it doesn’t work in my case, the guy has already had written my evaluation, without even taking into consideration of what I have to say or my list of achievements including saving at list $2M because he didn’t update the drug price to what we were buying for. We were actually losing money for months without realizing it.

      I’m over it at this point. :). I really don’t care about that $1K raise, it’s the matter of principle, that I do great work, I should receive stellar review.

  7. Vivianne,
    I’ve been gone away for a while but still keep abreast with all your posts. Earlier today, I came across this ” Moody’s Investor Services has lowered its outlook for Kinder Morgan from stable to negative, which could eventually mean KMI ends up facing higher borrowing costs in the future, particularly if its official credit rating reaches “junk” status.” to which I wanted to alert you immediately.

    Links: Moody’s:–PR_339913


    TJ (Mr. Liberte)

    • Bro,
      Thank you for thinking of me. Thank you for sharing the links. I saw InvestmentHunting twitted that he bought 100 shares at $20.xx. I wanted to buy some too at the dip.

      The articles posted 2 main things, kmi bought a company, and they will be cash short and potentially cut dividend?! Rating on their bond is rated as “junk” at the moment.

      Long term investor who long kmi such as Cramer is saying >50% of revenue and profit come from fixed income, fee base. OPEC has agreed to act in sync with big oil to regulate the oil and gas price. Which might potentially help kmi to recover.

      I currently own 50 shares and just bought another 20 share at $20.xx. If it to decline, I’ll buy some more to average down and enjoy the 10% yield at the moment.

      • Call me foolish or smart, I just tried to catch the falling knife and forgot to set a limit price on picking up some KMI today. Your optimism combined with a few other analysis reports kind of gave me the courage to pick up some. So, as of today, I now have 35 shares of KMI @ 17.75. Let keep rolling!

        • I’d go with smart! You seized the opportunity at the right time. It is difficult for investors to pull the trigger when the stock is in free-falling. Sometimes you’d just have to buy until you find the bottom.

          I was expecting the dividend cut. It’s 12/9/15, so the board will not cut jobs (prior to Christmas). I suspect they will cut job or speculating of cutting job 2 weeks after the new year. These company would do anything to protect dividend payout.

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