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Many things run through my head. I’d picture myself in the house, the different kinds of remodeling I woukd have done in different stages. Organizing my stock sell off, shop for insurance, for better interest rate before the interest rate increase, blah blah. But I didn’t get it. 

1. Bad realtor … My realtor he works for me. Why he has to only leave message to the other guy and wait for him to response back. Still waiting at. 5-6pm the next day? So stupid. He only attempt the call when I call him.

2. I got played… The other party response only by mouth. Another word, I got nothing from them in writing. Go back to bad realtor. 

3. I got played… The realtor left message with my asking price, of course the other guy tell the other party I’m increasing my bid, therefore they would bid above asking price when I was offered by the seller the asking price. 

Anyhow, stupid realtor now freaking out, telling me there a another house still available. If I want the other house I’d bid on it. It’s not the best of the three. A lot smaller with no freaking roof, he’s now telling me to bid on it after realizing he’s out od $30k on the deal.


    • The bad realtor saga continues… A couple days later, he desperately emailed and text me, saying the other house (from the same seller that I also made a bid on) might fall through. Add the the other agent felt bad about the situation. He’d let me know about it first so I can make my offer.

      After talking with mr. we decided to make a full price offer. I asked him to ask them to see if they’d accept that offer if the deal did go through.

      Today, he finally called me. Told me the other buyer doesn’t have any issue, but the other realtor still don’t have faith in it. He suggested I should make an offer on paper and pay cash for it. Hahhahha.

      I only ask him a simple question, would they accept my full price offer? I don’t want them to string me along in the deal, get emotionally involved, then raise the price unless I accept that higher price. Why would I leave myself open end like that?

      He couldn’t even do what I ask him to do. For now, I had to work with him because I had signed the paper to work with him until October. But talking about being stupid, and trying to make it looks like they are looking out for me!? This is a whole different level of bad realtor agent. Remember they WORK for you. If they don’t, walk!

      • I agree with you, that if you aren’t satisfied, you should walk. But of course the world doesn’t always work like that, and local realty is a small world.

        Anyways, I hope that things work out. Keep us posted.

  1. Hi Vivianne

    i’m sorry to hear that.

    I understand it sucks to have that left on you last minute the moment you have almost organized everything but I guess that’s unexpected of life. I’m sure the next one will be even better and you’ll soon be forgetting about this unhappy experience.

  2. Vivianne,

    Sorry to hear you missed out on the place you wanted to buy and renovate! At least now you know to get another realtor so you can snag the next opportunity.

    Best of luck,

    • Well, I’ve learned everything will have some upside to it. If I get it, it would be months or years of living in a construction zone. Could be very bad fengshui to be worried all the time.

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