Greece Bailout 2.0 – A possible Monday Selloff 


grexit5In case somebody missed last week Wednesday sell off, congrats! You have another chance. The EU has decided they won’t restructure the debt to result a better economic outcome for Greece unless they enforce some of the term they agree on in the bailout term.

The distrust go deep and Germany might back Angela Mercel 100% because Germany wiretap Greece government conversation!? They know what’ve discussed behind the closed door.

Even if they didn’t wire tap, they would trust a 40 years old that have just blew them away a week ago, the wound is fresh. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” that type of attitude.

Either way, Wall Street don’t like uncertainty. We main street like to improve our passive income. To buy or not to buy, that is the question. Goodluck everyone.

What are your thoughts? You think the bail out will come through? Are you going to buy on Monday, what sector?


  1. No matter what happens overnight I’ll still be making my monthly buys as usual. The ups and downs of the market because of a ‘no’ vote or ‘yes’ vote simply doesn’t play into any long term dividend growth investors’ plan. This is all near term market noise that can provide us with better buying opportunities.

  2. With the bailout news last night, I was prepared for the markets to fair better today, and I ended up offloading all my KO and Virgin America stocks for a decent profit of about $45 – not bad considering that I held these stocks for less than 10 days and with European union imposing more restrictions which the Greeks will find hard to abide by, I expect the markets to back red pretty soon which is when I will pick up all the stocks I sold today at a discount.

    • Awesome trades! The drama would have been ended if the deal was reach prior to Jun 30th. It’s been super cool watching the political parties playing politics.

      Even though for long-term investors all the political noise and news really doesn’t matter, but it’s still fun to watching.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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