Our splurges


Mr. WRI and I are both grow up in poverty. Our parents at one point were well to do, but at one point he lost his Dad, and I lost my mom. When you only have one parent to support the whole family, room and board were their top priority. I couldn’t think of a time where I was suffer from hunger. Any extra tutoring that I asked, my parents would pay for it. But no extravagant vacations, toys, games, or event kid size bike (I had to wait until I was 9 years old to hold on to the adult bike, then I learned to ride a bike).
So, with the modest upbringing, we took after our parents, we become frugal ourselves. However, once we’ve become well to do ourselves here are the thing we would splurge on:

1. Good shoes: because bad, uncomfortable shoes will end up in the closet and not get worn at all.
2. Good food: we are healthy eater, we choose the best one on the shelf, we choose lean meat and organic produce, grow our own veggie whenever we can. We do eat out quite a bit, if it’s up to me, I dint want to eat out at all, too oily food.
3. College basketball games – we work for a public university, as a form of giving back, we donate a certain amount of money that’d guarantee us 2 seats. The university keep the face value of ticket low, and we get to deduct money for taxes.
4. Travel – when we travel, we pay a bit more for higher end hotels. Not much fast food, we try local food.
5. Golf – Mr. WRI likes to play golf, so I am usually the one who book the tee time, I’d use only booking websites to save 50% on tee time. Mr. WRI doesn’t care much as long as the course is decent, and he gets to play weekly.

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