Budget recreational activity- hiking


A tour to Las Vegas to gamble, watching shoes, or seeing different neon light decoration doesn’t excite me. I like to see the landscape, the culture, tour a town, see how people live, and eat their local food are more like my traveling experience that I want to get. Hiking through a trail in the mountain, there is something when you get really up high, breathing the cool thin air that can clear up my head and it just help me reset my mind. For hiking aside from the money spend for gas, 3$ per gallon, I live 40 miles from the mountain, it’s less than $10 trip back and forth and I can try different trail, every time.

Here are the three seasons of hiking spring, summer and the fall of 2014.


Some of the benefit when we go hiking:

1. Allows more time to connect with Mr. WRI.  As you walk and talk, it’s easier to open up about your feelings and thoughts. Knowing the next step you take will leave it behind.

Sometimes we don’t even say anything when we hike, but we feel each other’s presence. But if we sit in front of the tv, our minds are captured by the content that’s presented to us. I find it very stressful, yet addicted and can’t pull away.

2. You might find great sight seeing spot that could take your breathe away.

3.  Good exercise, with my work, sometimes I sit down all day, sometimes I have to eat and walk at the same time. The erratic in work schedule kills me. But the nice long hike can heal me. I feel better after a good hike.

4.  Cheap but quality activity, where one can find an activity for two that would cost less than 10 buck?.

5. Photo opportunity, I guess not many people would take selfies of them watching a tv show, but they would take selfie watching sunrise, sunset, when they are on top of the mountain.  We actually accomplish something. The feeling is amazing.


  1. A good hike can be so refreshing. 🙂 I live pretty close to some mountains as well (the Rockies.) Being outdoors definitely have healing properties. Sometimes going back home is the most difficult part after a long hike because I don’t want to give up the freedom and be confined to the walls of my apartment. Nice photos by the way. Were they taken with a smart phone?

    • Yes, I used a dumb smart phone. Galaxy s4g from a few years back and an ipad air. They are good for me to use the free text program through wifi and making phone call through wifi.

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