88 years of pizzas in saving – getting Mr. WRI on board


Mr. WRI is not all excited about early retirement at all. For the most part, he loves his job and intends to stay working as long as he feels he still making a different in the world. He wants to leave a legacy. However, there are days, I feel that he was in so much pressure from work that he has to exercise it off to stay sane.

We have such a huge age gap difference, that he might think that I’m lazy to not wanting to work pass 35 years old (at least, seeing him working so hard, I might feel a bit guilty, he’d never said that, ehhehehe he’s truly a nice guy). Anyhow, I constantly complain about how stressful my work can be, and I would like to be in a less stressful environment. I would like to do art, learn a few more languages, I can manage properties on the side, make up my own hours, give myself an excellent evaluation annually, etc. These perks don’t spark an excitement with him at all, he already has a good 9-5 paying job. Versus me, having to work rotated schedule, weekend, and sometimes overnight. Therefore, to get him on board, I’ll have these reasons:

1. He has $300k in savings and no other assets. So I told him if one pizza costs $10, he’ll have 88 years worth of pizzas.
2. If he invest his $300k and it can make 4% in dividends, he will get $15k in dividends and that’ll be plenty of pizzas for one year. And the money will never run out.
3. If we manage to pay the house off, room-share with a couple of people, well have home expenses pay off. So we get room and board.
4. Our home is in the suburb, but we are on the bus line, the nearest market is within walking distance. Church provides free car rides, so we don’t need a car. We can technically retire anytime now.

While Mr. WRI is still unsure about early retirement, but when I put it into perspective, it seems to give him more confident, knowing if he lose his job, he’d still have 88 years of pizzas, and the money will never run out if he put his money in dividend growth stocks.

What’s about you? How many years of pizza do you have? How do you get your partner on board?

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