Recent Buy – Walmart $WMT


I’ve already been a Walmart Girl (well, I prefer Walmart over Target). I own both stocks now. But, I’ve always liked Walmart, because the decoration is blue, the tone is nice and calm vs Target is all RED. Target cater to “richer” middle class women vs Walmart is …

Another reason I like Walmart is I’m from the Midwest, when I moved to the EastCoast, there were a lot more people, traffic was “terrible”, different culture (my co-workers wouldn’t like it if I don’t “speak” (mainly say “good morning” or “hi” when you first walk in … weird!). HOWEVER, the one thing that was consistent was Walmart. Everything was the same, I know exactly where I’d go to get milk, egg, and do my tires, change my oil, get my international flavors, even getting my Prime Filet mignon for a regular Sunday dinner. Walmart made me feel like the Eastcoast is more like … home. LOL 🙂

Recently, I’ve recruited Mr.W to become a Walmart Boy … (to match with me, the Walmart Girl) LOL 🙂 He eats pop-tart every morning. And I tried to tell him that Walmart has a smart inventory system where if he empties out his blueberry, non-icing flavor, the next time he comes, it’d magically be there again, in slightly higher quantity so he could stock up.

Mr.W also loves the sweetest blueberry in the world, which happens to always be at lower price at Walmart than anywhere else. Our other favorites fruits are also happen to be sold at Walmart at a great and competitive prices with very consistent quality – Blackberry, watermelon, sweet corn, grapes. LOL 🙂 All of that and Mr.W doesn’t have to stand behind anyone in line as there is a very cool self-checkout system that is much better than other grocery store. That was the #1 driving factor for Mr.W. His shopping experience at Walmart has improved tremendously.

What I’m trying to say is as the world is moving away from Walmart fashion, and cheap walmart electronics, Walmart has turned around and carry big companies items like Apple and Samsung to up their game. Walmart grocery portion is doing extremely well with very cool logistics inventory. Walmart has paid attention to get people like Mr.W, hardcore small grocery store to come in and shop. (Well, minus me, Mrs.W, asking him to take me there haha).

Now, I bought 10 shares of walmart at $82.xx after the news that I bought the Indian grocery store for $17B and Wall Street just hate it!

This should add $20.8 to my annual dividend.

I’ve owned WMT before and make a bunch of money with it, so I don’t mind owning it again.

52 Week High 3 109.98
52 Week Low 3 73.13
50-Day Moving Average 3 86.93
200-Day Moving Average 3 93.84
% Held by Insiders 1 51.79%

5 Year Average Dividend Yield 4 2.58
Payout Ratio 4 62.20%


  1. I like Walmart too. Unfortunately, the current price is above my cost basis so i am just holding for now. It is a great company though and I think it was a good buy. Thanks for sharing.

    • Nice job on entering WMT at a lower price. I remembered wmt was hitting $56 and I was cash constraints. Oh well, I still love wmt at this level. Very impressed with the recent changes. We’ll see if it can compete with Amazon Whole Foods teaming.

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