Free Trades Everywhere … Making Millionaire Baby :)


Some of you might have gotten the BIG news Schwab offered free commission for online trading from $10 to $7 to now $0 for trades – stock, ETF and option.

AMTD also followed. They paid almost 4% in dividends. I’m considering buying this.


About making millionaire babies … haha…

Well, I’m moving to part-time!! Yay!! Praise the Lord!!

I’d like to keep the option open for health insurance, since we’re going to make a few more babies.

As long as I’m continuing to work, I guess, I can afford to give each child $50K. I’m planning on giving them in the form of Roth IRA contribution instead of 529 plan. I feel Roth would give them more options, if they decide to take out the fund to start a business when they turn 18 or so.

$5,500/year x 5 years or less. $50K double every 7-10 years, so by the time they turn

20, they might get $200K,

by 30, $400K,

by 40, $800K,

by 50, they have $1M = millionaire babies 🙂

Since, I’ve reached financial independence a few years back, working now would just give me extra savings and extra financial security, so giving $5,500/year per baby is not too much of a financial burden, as long as I don’t plurge on eating out.

I’m planing on delay vaccination to the kids until they reach the age of 5 yo, so no Disney, no traveling outside of the country. Just local children museum, zoos, parks, travel by car to State Park. I’d like to show them America. America is beautiful enough, plenty to see and plenty to enjoy … cheaply and safely.

Baby will go to a homecare babysitting instead of a big baby sitting facilities – where all these doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers went straight from patients (germs) to pick their babies. And cost 4x as much as the homecare. Almost all the people I talk to all of their kids get ear infections repeatedly and required tubes. 9 ear infections/year is NORMAL??!! What a BS!! I don’t recall getting that many ear infection as a child even in THIRD world country. I have 19 nieces and nephews, they didn’t have 9 ear infection/year. A couple time over the first few years of their lives maybe, but not 9 per year. So, something is going on!!

Hopefully, things will work out as planned financially. I’m just hoping and praying for a good labor and a healthy child. Millionair?? that’s 50 more years away, baby!! haha





  1. You missed Schwab’s stop at 4.95 🙂 I own AMTD as my thesis was a potential acquisition by TD once the standstill agreement expired (they currently own about 43%). I think this is more likely now as no cost trading will hit AMTD’s margins. The benefit to TD could be improved Tier 1 ratios. Just anticipate getting cashed out or possibly Canadian stock if you go that route.

    Prior to going the IRA path, check the impact on benefits (FAFSA). This is the reason behind the liquidation of my custodial account.

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