Buying The Dip – DOW was down 800 points today


The last time I posted, I want to wait for BAC to come down, but I guess I got impatient and bough at $26.xx

COF $83.xx

BP – $35.xx

WFC – $45.xx

on my 401K, on the cash account, I bought Selective banking

The recession is coming according to the bond chart, that sent all sort of selling signal. I still have $100K of buying power, if that’s the case, I’ll buy some more as more coming come in.


Baby update:

I’ll be entering my 3rd Trimester by the end of August. I’m still enjoying my walks in the parks. Second trimester is actually a blessing, I’m eating well, walking well, getting used to getting up multiple times at night to pee 🙂 hehe :). I nap during the day if I can, to make up for lost sleep at night.

Gaining 30 pounds is kind of tough though… for my small frame, but the walks help. I’m going to try weight-lifting (2pounds) to help my heart and strengthen my core prepping my body for delivery.

I’m pretty nervous about how painful it’ll be … haha… so I’ve been watching alot of TMI videos on youtube, to get as many tips as possible.

Mr. W is absolutely ecstatic about baby W. He’s cleaning the house, I guess, we’re in the NESTing phase of the pregnancy now.

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  1. Congrats on entering the third trimester! Things are getting close for you. Nice job taking advantage of the dip and buying some great names. I went shopping those days as well and added MMM and XOM.


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