China’s Tactic to Get Rid of Protester


If you’ve been reading the headlines lately, the Hongkong protesters are using this opportunity to get rid of China elect leader for  HongKong. They’re attempting to taking back their freedom under the 1 country, 2 systems.

The communist countries are doing this on a regular basis.  Their tactic is easy – shipping their young soldiers who speak Cantonese to the street of Hongkong pretending to be “overreacted”, “heated”, passionate, love freedom, love HongKong, and they were the one who throw stone and doing all the provocative things to the police.

That would give “The Cause” for the police to use violence weapons against the real peaceful, well behaved protesters.

It sounds bad to be a protester, to protest for something you believing, but these were high school and college students. Over the past years, they always clean up after themselves, sending out little supporting units to clean up bottle, using umbrellas to protect themselves against of police. They were exercising their true democracy rights. However, they’re met up with militarized police.

Anyhow, Alibaba is listing in Hongkong now, I’m not sure what it means yet. I don’t like Jack Ma, he promises jobs and investment in the US, he’s a China nationalist, so so whatever decision he’s making, it’s to avoid the US-China conflict trade war. I haven’t ran into an issue with a company that’s listing in several places, so I’ll see how this investment going to go.

Facebook eCoin – is coming in 2020. Facebook is filing for to be the exchange place. Over the past year, as landlord, I’ve started using Venmo, a subsidies of PayPal, it’s free peer to peer service. I guess, having something like this on Facebook will be widely popular. I might get into it once Facebook has its own currency. It’s probably convenience to trade service and products around.


Landlording side:

I did the floor, but haven’t done the roof, one guy quoted $30K just to build a deck. What kind of business they are running? this is outragous. I built the deck for $3K. Seriously, it’s getting so annoying.

















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