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Ford Motor and Walmart

Ford Motor (F) is battling with recalls, yet their sales is up. Bought 50 Share at $15.20. Dividend yield of 4% will boost my yearly dividend by $30.

Walmart (WMT)– Recent “bad news” 1.  Whole food opening smaller store to compete with walmart on organic … is it vise versa? They’ve been in competition for years, so I’m sure it will not be the end of it. Walmart will find a way to compete.  2. Employees pay raise cut into Walmart’s profit. Painful but necessary as companies need to learn to treat employee better. Look at Costco, they remain profitable while paying employee a living wage. I’m sure at some point Walmart will get there. In the mean while, I’m enjoy buying Walmart at the pull back of 20% discount from the 52-week high.

Stock on the watch: looking to add share of transportation to diversify a little bit. Also, will buy some more energy to get the portfolio in balance. I expect even more volatile as the world is changing … more and more countries are involved in different wars. I possibly want to add some defense stocks.



Apartment Rental is like a 2nd job: I’ve been super busy with turn-over, and apartment showing.

Coaching soccer is like having a 3rd job. I volunteer 3 times a week, supposedly for 1-hour each. But my coaching day go like this:

5:30pm leave the house

5:45pm  arrrive, wait for the parents to drop off the kids

7:15 some parents show up to pick up their kids. But the kids love to stay behind to practice some more. So we end practice 7:40-8pm.

8:20pm home

So, one hour ordeal is actually a 3 hours ordeal x 3. I dedicated at least 9 hours each week into coaching soccer. 

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy coaching. It’s like free exercise for me too. I run around with the kids. My back has been steadily improving and getting stronger. In fact, I enjoy soccer so much, I’ve been volunteering to coach through out the summer, so the kids will get ready for the Fall Season.

Classy Walmart Shoppers 🙂

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  1. Hi Vivianne

    On the Ford buy, i just wonder if there are going to be delayed impact on the sales figure because of the recall. Do you know anything about that? Other than that 4% yield is pretty delicious.

    Nice exercise and coaching there too on the soccer. Ive always loved the game but run out of stamina for not having exercised enough.

    • Great point on Ford, I saw the recall figure on Toyota, gm, ford, BMW, etc over the years, and they all seems to be able to shake it off. Even the GM CEO tried to hide the ignition issue, causing over >100 death related accident, they able to compensate the family with millions of dollars and nobody get jail time.

      GM has a strong tie with politicians play a role maybe.

      I’ll have to find the article where it says car manuafacture can shake off recall. The only concern is the slow down in china, should china tension with Southeast Asia nation escalate and the west isolate china, this is a greater concern. That’s why I probably won’t have a bigger position than what I have right now in Ford unless it goes down substantially in the future.

  2. Good point about workers comp and comparison to COST. I think its blown out of proportion…companies usually adjust and can still manage good margins – these things usually sort themselves out.

    Good purchases here. Best wishes

  3. Nice purchases! Wal-Mart stores keep dipping making it more attractive. I think when the economy crashes, more people will shop at Wal-Mart for cheaper products.

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